Our Services

Our Services

The various services we offer can be relied upon as within the Zenco Properties brand that promises value-plus for price. We recognize that monetary cost aside, the real cost you pay for the estate you buy from us  is the toil and the trouble you take in your search up until your meeting us. This toil included your energy, time, and some mental stress. These, added to your monetary cost make up the total cost. Our promise is to provide you with a total delivered value that far exceeds your total acquisition cost. This promise is backed by the guarantee of Zenco Properties, a fortress of integrity.

Direct Sales

We retain a mix of real estates comprising unbuilt lands and built-up properties for direct sales….


If you buy an unbuilt property from us, you may also need us to develop it for you….

Agency Sales

We also have built and unbuilt estates which we sell on behalf of their owners. These have also been subjected…

Compliance Services

The purchase of an estate involves legal and regulatory processes that perfect ownership title. Many buyers are not only unfamiliar with these processes…

Facility Management

With over twenty years experience in the property business, and staff of all specializations in the field, American Blend is well equipped for the management…


Our extensive knowledge and experience in the property industry naturally places us in the best stead to advise others. Clients get from us workable knowledge and…

₦ 50,000,000.00
4 beds 5 baths
₦ 65,000,000.00
3 beds
Call for price
4 beds
₦ 50,000,000.00
₦ 220,000,000.00
5 beds 6 baths

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