About Us

We are ZENCO

A brand known for quality and excellent results.


To be the foremost and most trusted real estate company of choice for our clients and the world at large by delivering quality and smart houses.
We base every decision on what’s best for:
● Our clients
● Our company as a whole
● Individual team members


We are committed to providing world-class service and market-leading expertise to our clients. We are passionate about working with our client’s big picture irrespective of how complicated the ideas might look in order to create a product that would change the statusquo and set the pace for others to follow.


1. Passionate: We believe that giving our best shot at all we do can change the world and help to make immeasurable impact.
2. Teamwork: We have seen that working together as a team yields greater results and enhances productivity
3. Quality: We deliver only excellent results and desire to exceed expectations in everything we do. This makes us go for hight quality materials in the construction process
4. solution-Based: We are always seeking to discover a solution and provide options for any concerns that arises
5. Communication: We seek to understand and communicate clearly
6. Innovation & Creativity: We believe that bringing fresh ideas would enhance business growth and expansion.
This has however helped us to be dynamic and unique in our strategy

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